Just Do Your Best – Book Review

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By: Chuck Harwood (2006)

ISBN 0-88197-101-4

Book Price: $11.95

From supervisor to CEO to entrepreneur

Chuck Harwood is a Harvard University graduate. He labored for nearly 50 years, beginning as a shift foreman in a glass manufacturing facility to being the president for 15 years of Signetics, a subsidiary of Philips Electronics. He has foundered a Training/Teaching firm within the subject of steady enchancment and in addition works as a advisor.

Best effort in a piece surroundings

Chuck Harwood helps readers obtain extra at work. He discusses, realizing your job totally (Ch. 2), making good selections (Ch. 3), assigning and receiving duties (Ch. 4), affect (Ch. 5), dealing with conditions out of your management (Ch. 6), and extra keys geared toward selling the best effort throughout the context of a piece surroundings.

Everything you do may be carried out higher

The concise nature of Chuck Harwood’s type results in transient and purposeful statements. He expresses, “Build on your strengths. If possible, take jobs at which you would be good, that you would like, and that you can do well. Then you’ll be ready to go as far in job responsibility or job impact as your talent and desire will take you.”

Chuck’s recommendation is evident and pointed, as in his dialogue on selections, “Good decision-making is essential to the success of any endeavor… be consistently on the alert for problems and opportunities that beg for your decision-making skills… Don’t fall in love with the first idea… Once you’ve made your decision, act on it… move forward… “

Harwood makes use of bullet factors to relay processes clearly. This is exemplified in his 7 fundamentals of assigning duties. He writes, “Be competent… Be fair, friendly, polite, cooperative, and ethical… Make sure your objectives are well defined… Communicate with all concerned… Do the assignment… Hold others accountable… Make consequences… “

Questions are used purposefully to have interaction readers. Chuck asks, “Do you accept the influence of others?” Then, “A common mistake is to assume that you do not have influence… You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

Harwood promotes assured optimistic change, saying “Believe that everything you do can be done better.”

On-the-job success

Chuck Harwood presents readers with a concise, full information to on-the-job success at work or in enterprise.

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