How to Turn Your Best Friend On – Get Her Sexually Attracted to You!

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Trying to turn your best friend on may seem like a crime to you but I know you’ve thought about it many times (otherwise you won’t be reading this article) so to end all your torture, I’ll tell you it’s definitely and understandably normal to start desiring and wanting your best friend – and make her feel the same way too. When things start to get a bit out of control, you start to feel more than just that little back flip inside your stomach or that rush of warmth inside you when you see her smile – you start to get sexually attracted to her. So before you start daydreaming about kissing her and making out with her, let’s get to work first – before are a few hot techniques on how to turn your best friend on – and finally make all of it come true!

  • Watch a romantic flick together. Romantic flicks are good mood-setters and they never fail to make your heart skip a beat – especially when you’re with someone special. Go ahead and ask her to go watch one with you – either it’s inside the dark movie theatre or chill-out in your good old couch. There’s plenty of time to get all chummy and cheesy with her afterwards.
  • Have long interesting conversations. Having a good topic is a great thing, it’ll make your conversation long and you’ll have a very good interaction with one another. What’s more, women love to be intellectually stimulated before they can actually be in the mood for something much naughtier.
  • Tell her she’s getting prettier. Compliments are a good way to charm a woman over to you – even if she’s already your friend. If you haven’t tried it before, then by all means, start on it soon. She will see you at a different light and would start being more conscious to be prettier each time she’s with you.
  • Hold hands. Now this can be a pretty tricky move, especially if you’ve been calling each other buddies and you’ve practically made her feel as “one of the guys”. Have perfect timing as well – when things get a little romantic for the both of you, attempt to hold her hand – and keep to yours as long as she keeps it there, too.
  • Always stay close to her. Always make her feel secure when you’re together. Be a little more protective than usual and it wouldn’t hurt to show a bit of your gentleman side – that would totally get her brains on full gear wondering why you suddenly took a change of heart – and might just start being conscious of what she really feels about you too!

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